america canada popular solar shingles roof flashing plate

December 02 , 2020

f lashing platefor tiled and asphalt roofs. it is used for waterproofing when the solar panels are installed. its thin and raised design makes the waterproof performance better. Especially, the f lashing plate is made of zinc aluminum magnesium coated steel, so corrosion resistance is more durable. more friendly for those countries who have an anti-dumping duty policy for aluminum products.

match with l foot and accessories. suitable for most tiled and asphalt roofs . This flashing plate and l foot are highly-versatile components for most mounting systems. its simple, proven design makes installation fast, easy, and exceptionally economical.

Solar Shingles Roof Flashing Plate

customers just need 4 steps to mount flashing plate and l foot on roofs :

1. make the installation position.

2. put the flashing plate under a shingle sheet.

3. place rubber pad and L-foot on the flashing plate.

4. bolt L-foot with wooden screw on the joist

5. fix the rails on the L-foot.

mount flashing plate


Hauptsächlich hergestellt durch galvanisierten Stahl, eloxiert Aluminium und ZAM Materialien


Geeignet für ziegeldach, Blechdach und Flachdach etc


Geeignet für Wasser-Oberfläche-installation

Kachel Dach-Montage-System

Wasserdichte carport, hergestellt von Kohlenstoff-Stahl oder Aluminium material


Versorgung Soem-service und Zubehör. Keine Mengen-Beschränkung, und Kostenlose Proben, wenn Sie brauchen

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